Brothers Ranch


About Us

7 Brothers Ranch is named after my, Ezra's 7 brothers in my family. It’s truly a veteran owned family operation. We are located just one hour away from Austin, Texas. 

It all started in February 2021, when we bought three cows that were all pregnant. Our first calf came that following April and we have been growing ever since! Since then, we have fallen in love with the breed and are obsessed with bettering our herd. We are new breeders that have some experience in animal husbandry. We have chosen five beautiful, big bodied herd foundation cows and, with our ability and certification for Artificial Insemination, this allows us to pick and choose which bulls would be best for our ladies. Our goal is to breed and raise big bodied, even tempered cattle that can hold their heads high with pride, carrying 100” tip to tip horns! Having Texas Longhorns has given us the honor of doing our part to keep our Texas history alive and growing.

We are open to visitors coming out to feed treats to our cows and see our beautiful calves! Please get in contact with us to schedule an appointment. Making appointments will give us time to pick up treats and pen up specific herd members that visitors would like to see.

We would love you to come out and see our part of Texas heritage, our amazing Texas Longhorns!